Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover

Find luck and enjoy this speed challenge of finding objects
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Lucky Clover is a fun game with a speed challenge for your ability to find objects. This game is very well done and brings you different activities to win prizes and collect gold coins. The main objective of this game is to find a certain number of charms to finish each level. You will find butterflies, diamonds, lucky clovers, hearts or some other figures. You must search in all your screen board and select all possibilities. You will see two numbers down in your screen board, one is the number of charms needed and the other one is the charms left that you must find. This game allows you to play different difficulty levels, easy, medium and hard. Each level increases the number of charms to find, so you must be faster and use your vision ability. The game allows you to use 3 hints called gold glints, they will help you to find them if you don't see where they are. If you complete a level you will get a prize, your choice will be very entertaining for you. Open your eyes and don't lose sight of where the biggest prize is, to select that one.

Birgilio Rivera
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